About the President

Hello!  My name is Dan Gynn and I am the President of Gynn Technologies.  I am a Leader, Entrepreneur, and Technologist with over 20 years experience starting, running, and growing Information Technology firms. I have a proven track record of delivering large projects and disruptive technologies to market by developing innovative solutions to technological challenges.


Among the projects I’m most proud of is the development and founding of PacketViper which is a network security appliance.  Having brought the product to maturity, I left full-time involvement in PacketViper in September of 2018 to tackle other technological problems.


Some of these challenges will be supplied by you, the client.  I look forward to finding innovative solutions to these challenges.  Other challenges I have identified through my other main interest, namely hockey.  As President of the Arctic Foxes Hockey Association, I have found alot of items that make volunteering much more time consuming and inefficient than it should be.  Stay tuned as GynnTech launches solutions to these problems.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Gynn

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